Using data to disrupt the multi-family investing space


The need for reliable data

In order to provide real-time insights to investors in the multi-family real estate market, TruLiv needed reliable access to the millions of rental and housing listings spread across multiple sources on the internet.

We built a series of sophisticated spiders to pull unstructured listings across the web. Once this data was extracted, we utilized novel data normalization techniques to provide TruLiv clean and organized real-estate data on a daily basis.

Providing Data You Can Trust

Clean and normalized data is essential for machine learning and analytics. Our spiders are able to extract massive amounts of data across the web and organize it into easily accessible silos. Our extraction pipelines are able to provide TruLiv with reliable and validated data they can trust through:

Sophisticated Monitoring

Never miss any new data. Our pipelines are monitored in real time using the latest technologies to account for any updates in external data structures to ensure you are always getting the latest data

On Demand Scaling

Our spiders are designed to scale alongside your business. As your need for external data sources increases our spiders can evolve to easily extract large amounts of unstructured data found on the web

Real Time Alerting

Slack bots provide alerting for our spiders; if there is an interruption or change in external structure, our slack-bots will notify you immediately so that appropriate measures can be taken to ensure data is always secure.

Data Normalization

Messy data? No Problem.

Our data normalization techniques are based on sophisticated machine learning. We're able to organize terabyte of unstructured into

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