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Connecting with Your Employees

Sparck is a personalized employee recognition and engagement platform that creates a thriving workplace your people will love. They equip their customers with when, what, and how to recognize each person in a way that is most meaningful to them within seconds.

Sparck partnered with Quantum Analytica to create a personalization engine capable of identifying employee interests and recommending incentives based on them.

Our Solution

Developed ETL Pipelines

We created a data transfer method that normalized training data for model development

Created A Suite of Personalization Algorithms

Developed 3 types of personalized recommendation models allowing for A/B tests to improve model efficacy.

Containerized Deployment

Built API endpoints in Flask and deployed models in Docker containers for easy scaling across K8 clusters

Dashboard Solution

Created dashboard solution to easily select which models are used in production, to evaluate effectiveness, and to monitor performance.

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