Austin Custom Brass

Customer Segmentation and Personalized Recommendations


Project Overview

For this project, Austin Custom Brass had 10 years of sales and customer data, but no targeted marketing strategy. Using their data, we optimized their marketing by segmenting customers based on their purchasing behavior and site usage. Using our analytics, we developed a strategy that improved the timing and targeting of their social media marketing, ensuring that the right people saw the right products at the right time.

Our Deliverables

Exploratory Data Analysis

Customer Segmentation

Personalized Recommendations

Executive Report on Churn Reduction

Project Goals

Like a lot of small businesses, ACB has a lot of data but not a lot of time to analyze it or implement insights. Our goal was to make their data a weapon for their business, while giving them business oriented insights. We believe data science shouldn't just be about solving problems but about generating actionable insights into business problems.

Our Achievements

After understanding and exploring their data, we used machine learning to create an upselling and recommendation engine for ACB to use in conjunction with their CRM platform. This gave ACB a "digital sales rep" so that they could focus their most important assets (their time and their knowledge) on personalized customer service and cultivating client relationships and engagement.


Using 10 years of purchase data, we were able identify the primary source of churn for ACB and were group ACB's customers into value based segments in order to improve retention.

Once their customers were segmented, we combined customer purchases with the a custom NLP model to create personalized recommendations for ACB customers. This model identifies brand loyalty, trends in cross sell, and semantic similarities to produce hyper personalized recommendations.

With our work, ACB has been implementing recommendation engines and targeted marketing that have produced sizable and quantifiable increases in sales revenue compared to previous years (and during the pandemic!).

Client Feedback


Shout-out to Russ and QA for their small business tools that gave us scalable machine learning and advanced analytics. Using their tools we gained insight into retaining our customers, building deeper relationships with VIP customers, and capitalizing on missed income opportunities to turn potential leads into real customers. I never realized I could harness those tools to improve my shop!

Trent Austin

CEO, Austin Custom Brass