Austin Custom Brass

Social Media Marketing


Project Overview

Small business need to utilize their data in order flourish in today's digital economy. Austin Custom Brass previously invested in SEO services that had little to no return, and ACB recognized that they needed to start making data-driven decisions. ACB partnered with Quantum Analytica on how they can use their data to improve customer engagement. We provided ACB with highly granular insights allowing them to create personalized social media campaigns that resulted in a 500% ROI.

Our Deliverables

Data-Driven Marketing Campaign

Analytics Dashboard

Executive Report

Project Goals

Targeted social media campaigns can drastically increase revenue. Unfortantely, small businesses often focus on a shot-gun approach of when to post to social media. We partnered to Austin Custom Brass to give them a competitive edge by using their data to identify specific customer segments and when they engage on social media. Specifically, Austin Custom Brass wanted the answer to these two questions:

1) What customer groups have the highest engagement on social media?
2) How can I personalize social media postings to increase engagement and conversion?

Our Approach

Quantum Analytica developed novel small business tools that utilize data mining, analytics, and machine learning to help small businesses turn their data into insights. We integrated our platform with ACB and we were able to provide them highly granular demographic data on their users, segment their customers based on brand loyalty and purchases, and identify the times each of these segments engaged on social media. Using this data, we created real time dashboards that ACB could use to time their social media postings based on our insights.


Within 18 hours of implementing our campaign, ACB saw an attributable revenue of $1800 and an ROI of over 500%

Client Feedback


“Our team at Avochato was blown away by Quantum Analytica’s depth of knowledge in AI/Machine Learning and creativity in helping us model our data and find the answers we were looking for. It only took a few conversations to guide our MVP and I stepped back and let then work their magic. Quantum Analytica was prompt and courteous with project updates, and was quick to respond while we iterated on the data model. This helped our team stay agile and produce a functioning and deployable classifier on a tight deadline!

Christopher Neale

CTO, Avochato