Customer Segmentation and Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns


Project Overview

Understanding customer behavior is pivotal to the sucess of any business. Businesses that are able to quantify what drives similar types of customer groups allows them to develop targeted marketing campaigns that drastically increase both customer retention and conversion. 4PatientCare partnered with Quantum Analytica segment their customers, develop targeted digital marketing campaigns, and evaluate the efficacy of these campaigns in real-time. We implemented a novel machine learning approach that segmented customers into similar groups based on demographic and historical in-house data and created a Bayesian A/B testing pipeline in order to robustly quantify the performance of each campaign. The result was a huge success, and allowed 4PatientCare to increase revenue by $90,000 per month!

Our Deliverables

ETL Pipeline Development

Algorithm Development

Internal Report Writing

Executive Team Presentation

Project Goals

4PatientCare identified that one of their clients had a high churn rate for their customers and partnered with Quantum Analytica to reduce that churn. We identified 3 key areas where they could reduce churn and developed analytics, customer segmentation models, and targeted campaigns in order to increase customer conversion. At the heart of this methodology was the ability to rigorously quantify the statistical confidence around the performance of each campaign. Quantum Analtica developed a large-scale statistical testing framework that spanned 400 office locations across the US that was driven by advanced customer segmentation and analytics.

Our Approach

At Quantum Analytica, we always focus at the quantitative processes that drive the business problem. We identified that 4PatientCare's initial marketing campaign was a "shot in the dark", meaning that they were not creating marketing campaigns based on data. We worked with them in order to understanding the dynamics that drive each of their campaigns and what data was available in order to better target the respondants to these campaigns. We focused on developing a machine learning pipeline that accomplished two things: 1) ensuring that the new campaigns were personalized to their customers and 2) that correct statistical experimentation was implemented in order to ensure the best sets of models were chosen. We worked directly with 4PatientCares executive and development team to determine customer segments and develop personalized marketing strategies for each segment. We then implemented a Bayesian approach to statistical testing in order to better quantify the confidence around each campaign.


Our findings allowed 4PatientCare to have a better understanding of their customer, target them better, and increase revenue.

These results weren't just hunches, we evaluated this data driven marketing campaign to be statistically significant!

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Client Feedback


“The team at Quantum Analytica are all stars. Their knowledge of AI, data science, and statistics are deep and broad, AND their work ethic is 2nd to none.
One of the brightest teams I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

Rockwell Shah

CEO, 4PatientCare