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Data Science & A.I

What sets us apart?

We believe that the business problem drives algorithmic development. Our solutions, which are developed by leading experts in machine learning, have provided personalized recommendations to 2 million customers, custom language models for both start-ups and global leading corporations, and sophisticated financial forecasting models used by wall street traders. Using our tools, one of our partners improved revenue by $90,000 per month! These are just some examples of how our partners benefit from machine learning.

Data Science

We employ your data to provide you with marketing insight and methods for evaluating your marketing campaigns. We utilize traffic data and replace queries to drive customers to your site and provide granular segmentation. Our analytics help you segment customers into common groups, coordinate your social media, and re-capture customers who have abandoned purchases.

Deep Learning & A.I

We build deep learning pipelines that blend non-linear dynamical methods, Bayesian inference, and neural network architectures in order to achieve high degrees of accuracy. Our deep solutions have been used to create real-time personalized recommendations, semantic replace engines, custom language models, asset price forecasts, and computer generated music.

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