House of Hatchets: Cape Cod Axe Throwing

Data-Driven Design


Project Overview

In this project we developed a custom built website that is mobile responsive and tailored to the logo and branding of House of Hatchets. We built the design by identifying top customer attributes and personalizing the site to create an enjoyable user-experience for those customers. We identified key customer segments, and provided detailed insight into site usage and customer behavior. We segmented users into specific groups for targeted marketing campaigns.

Your website is the face of your business. It is as important as creating an enjoyable user experience in your store or crafting the best products. Too often, businesses fall prey to sacrificing quality and security for cheaper web solutions. In this case, you get what you pay for -- most other template services, do not give you mobile responsiveness, security certificates, or access to your data! The most important commodity in the 21st Century is data. With that data, you have better control over all elements of your business and, more importantly, you can use this data to increase revenue and target your customers with more personalized marketing and discounts.

Our Deliverables

Custom Data Driven Website

Project Goals

The owners of House of Hatchets came to us because his previous web designer was unable to make the deadline for the website deployment by the September 1st grand opening. With only 3 weeks to go, we needed to work quickly and effectively to build a mobile responsive and secure design. In addition, we implemented our custom analytics package in order to provide robust customer insight.

Website Design and UI/UX

We created a stunning, responsive, and secure design to engage House of Hatchets customers

Cloud Based Deployment

Small Business Analytics and Data Driven Social Media Marketing

Our analytics package segment customers and provide insights into their behaviors and replace queries.

Client Feedback


“Fantastic customer service and support. Highly recommend!

Cliff Harris

Owner, House of Hatchets