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Are you getting the most out of your data?

Data literacy is crucial in today's economy. We offer masterclasses designed to deepen your fluency with data, while teaching you to use these insights to drive your business. Our classes offer training tools and tips for you to pass on to your staff. Through our corporate partnerships with leading Boston universities, we also mentor graduate students entrepreneurs through the development of data science and computer science curriculum. In academia and in business, our goal is to empower you to succeed in a data-driven world.

C-Level Consulting

Our CEO is a global consultant whose expertise in critical examination of data allows him to assess and enhance your data strategy. Our C-level consulting is designed for expeditious solutions to acute problems, without the need for expensive investments in additional personnel.

Expert Witness Testimony

Using Bayesian inferences and computational modeling, we provide expert witness testimony to protect your company and its assets. These advanced statistical modeling tools yield better understanding of your data, and have higher efficacy than traditional statistical methods.

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