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Language Modelling as the Heart of A.I.

Sannsyn is one of the Nordic’s leading big data and development consultancies. Serving some of Europe’s largest retail clients, Sannsyn provides e-commerce solutions for product recommendations, analytics, and search.


The NLP experts at Quantum Analytica partnered with Sannsyn to create a sophisticated multi-lingual A.I. model that was used to improve their recommendation and search services. Our approach to language based modelling increased their conversion rates by over 30% and provided over 2.1 million customers with improved search results that accurately reflected their intent!

Data Ingestion

Using Cassandra and PySpark, we created large scale ETL pipelines to ingest unstructured text from across the web in order to create a domain specific corpus for training.

Custom Language Models

We built sophisticated language models to understand customer behavior.


Our models were specifically trained to understand both the context of the domain and customer intent.

Multi-Lingual Support

Our novel approach to creating customer specific datasets allows us to create A.I. models to understand any language.


This gives global retailers the ability to fine-tune and improve recommendations no matter the location of their customers.

Improved Recommendations

Our language models learn to read and understand products and product descriptions, allowing you to provide recommendations based on customer interaction but also product similarity.

Semantic Search

Capturing and understanding user intent, not keywords, is the key to providing customers with accurate search results.


Combining the linguistic structure of a search query with historical purchase data, our custom language model returns a result tailored to the individual customer.

Automated Training

Our models are capable of automated retraining in order to continuously improve performance.


Using real-time customer data and domain specific text extracted from the web, our models can evolve with your customers.

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