Our Work

Quantum Analytica has developed bleeding edge algorithms, technologies, and applications to optimize business performance and ROI. We work with clients to create and implement custom tech solutions to drive business decisions, deploy and manage architecture to handle data needs, and develop web applications and mobile apps to help companies connect with clients and enhance workflow.

Case Studies

Inflection Learning

Web Application / Architecture / Visualizations

InflectionLearning is an EdTech startup focused on bringing data science education to secondary schools. We worked with InflectionLearning to develop an online learning platform that incorporated interactive lessons, live data visualization, and sophisticated student-teacher interactions. This project was developed using a React-Django framework and deployed using AWS Cloud Architecture.


iOS App

MobileWhip is a startup focused on providing a safe ride-sharing service for college students. We worked with MobileWhip to create an iOS from the ground up that allows students to request rides from local drivers and pay directly through the app. MobileWhip offers a robust authentication system that offers both standard and premium membership and validation that drivers and riders are students of a given university. MobileWhip has become the go-to transportation method for Nichols college.

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Terra Good

IOS App Development / Business Website Development

Building relationships between volunteers, organizations and local businesses, TerraGood’s mission is to connect communities. Using the free platform, organizations can post events, recruit volunteers, and reward them via an incentive program sponsored through local business discounts. Quantum Analyitca helped TerraGood’s mission become a reality by building an iOS application that connects businesses, organizations, and volunteers. We worked with TerraGood from the ground up through storyboarding, business planning, and development.

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Mashpee Congregational Church

Web App Development / Business Web Development

Mashpee Congregational Church is a small church on Cape Cod. Prior to working with Quantum Analytica, they were using antiquated and insecure technology (WordPress) for a standalone website. We worked directly with the Pastor and Church Council to create a custom design for the church frontend that would help bring in new visitors to the church. In addition to a redesign, we built an online giving platform to help streamline donations and an automated platform to upload weekly bulletins and pull sermon videos that were uploaded on youtube into the new website.

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