Spearheading Transformation

We partner with some of the world’s most advanced organisations in their journey to improve performance.


Take a look at some of the ideas we’ve helped to implement. Will yours be next?


Understanding exactly how your customer base feels when interacting with your product is crucial to preventing churn.

Using deep-learning we built a model that classifies the sentiment of Avochato’s customers in real time allowing them to prioritize their customer outreach.


The internet presents a wealth of external datasets that can be an invaluable resource to any company if extracted and ingested properly.

TruLiv is a fast growing startup in the real estate tech space that needed reliable access to historical and real-time rental and property listings. We worked with them to identify the best sources of real-estate data and built a series of data extraction pipelines that ingest and normalize hundreds of thousands of listings per day.


Generating mathematical representations of linguistic structures greatly improves the performance of search engines and product recommendation systems.

Working closely with Sannsyn, we created A.I. models that learned to understand text data from customer product catalogs. The result was a novel semantic search algorithm that is being used by some of Norway’s largest retailers.


Understanding customer behavior is a key to the success of any business.

4PatientCare partnered with Quantum Analytica to create customer segmemts, develop targeted digital marketing campaigns, forecast patient attendance & evaluate the efficacy of these campaigns in real-time.


Providing highly personalized recommendations is expected from today’s e-commerce platforms. Sparck is extending that expectation to the workplace.

Quantum Analytica partnered with Sparck to create a sophisticated personalization engine allowing employers to provide highly personalized gifts and rewards to their employees.