Educated Partnership For A Custom Solution

Quantum Analytica delivers custom technology solutions individualized to our clients needs. We believe that your business model should drive the technology stack and not the other way around. When applying this philosophy to our development process, our clients become partners in creating a successful digital platform. We expect our clients to be intimately involved throughout all stages of development in order to facilitate a successful launch. In doing so, we seek not to only provide our customers with a strong product and return on invested but also help them become more digitally aware in today's data driven economy.

Executive Team

Russ Wilcox


Ammar Khan


A Local Startup With A Global Footprint

Quantum Analytica has been the choice developers for both startups and multinational corporations. Our web and mobile applications span a variety of verticals including healthcare, ecommerce, edtech, and fintech. We utilize the latest technology stacks in order to build scalable, maintainable, and responsive platforms that drive our clients businesses.