Grow Your Practice With 4PatientCare

Data-Driven Patient Retention

4PatientCare streamlines the patient journey by using automated processes for appointment booking, cancelling, reminders, and rescheduling.

Understanding patient behavior is central to their business which is why they partnered with Quantum Analytica to implement machine learning to optimize their processes.

Personalized Reminder Strategies

Using machine learning, we developed an algorithm to understand when and how customers are reminded for their eye appointments.


These personalized reminders increased conversion by 9.2% and generated $90,000 of additional revenue per month.

Patient Retention Forecasting

Customers cancelling their appointment last minute cause a significant loss in revenue for eye care providers.


Using our A.I., 4PC was able to understand which customers were likely to cancel and optimize scheduling around this resulting in a 15% decrease in last minute cancellations.

Our Solution

Our values guide every choice we make as a company, ensuring we deliver exceptional service and solutions to all our clients.

Secure Architecture

We implemented a scalable, HIPAA compliant architecture to clean sensitive medical data and serve this data to our models.

Business Understanding

Working closely with 4PC’s Chief Medical Officer and key stakeholders we created a machine learning strategy specifically geared to solve business pain points


Using novel statistical and machine learning techniques, Quantum Analytica built personalized marketing and patient retention algorithms to improve the customer journey.


Our models were deployed with live A/B testing to ensure the best models were always being served to the customer and that key stakeholders could always evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns

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