Recognize. Engage. Retain.

Who we are.

Sparck is a personalized employee recognition and engagement platform that creates a thriving workplace your people will love. We equip you with when, what, and how to recognize each person in a way that is most meaningful to them within seconds.


Real-time alerts - we won’t let you miss the important recognition moments


One size doesn’t fit all, we personalize each reward and perk based on budget


People feel valued differently, we know how each person likes to be recognized.

Connect Your Workplace

Easily reinforce your culture by aligning your mission, goals, and values with organizational recognition.

Increase Your Results

Track employee engagement and recognition like never before. Get real-time alerts and metrics so you never miss a beat.

Save Your Managers Time & Money

At last, easily log, manage, and analyze engagement and recognition activity for each employee in one place.

Give Your Employees a Voice

Find out what your employee recognition preferences are with our Sparck survey.

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